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Live Immersive VR Experiences

Ferryman Collective provides live bespoke immersive VR theatre experiences for museums, private events or unique brand activations in Virtual Reality.


Our team has years of experience in both live and virtual immersive theatrical shows, and we use this knowledge to provide unique experiences custom to individual needs.


We create memorable live experiences with connection and immersion. As opposed to recorded experiences, live moments create a unique memory that can never be repeated.


We can create stories, characters and interactive activities for activations or events in VR to help clients provide exciting experiences for their guests. We are ready to help you create the right experience for your needs.


We understand connection, interactivity and immersion and weave this into everything that we create. From onboarding to world building and storylines, we can effectively apply these to any experience in VR. Our team is experienced in instructing and troubleshooting mechanics to help your guests have an easy transition from reality to VR. 


At Ferryman Collective, we are experienced creators, contributors and participants within the growing VR theater landscape as well as in live immersive experiences in Los Angeles. We are storytellers, actors, writers, and directors all focused on creating unique moments of connection for you and your guests and are waiting to bring our knowledge together to help you create your vision.

Let us know about your vision and we will help bring it to life!

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