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Here you can find reviews of our performances, interviews and talks with team members, articles about the company and our shows as well as various mentions

Bold is for interviews and talks/Unbold is for reviews and mentions

No Proscenium - Review Rundown: The One With Headsets & Cocktails March 14, 2023

ABC4 Utah - Cleanbox Joins The Live Immersive VR Performance Space With Ferryman Collective Collaboration at SXSW March 7th, 2023

EIN News - Find WiiLii Premiers at SXSW Feb 23, 20323

Voices of XR -The Ferryman Collective Feb 20, 2023

Whitton Frank At Siggraph Asia 2022 Dec 9, 2022

24/7 Press Releases - Gumball Dream A new kind of live theater, taking place in the Metaverse, sweeps at Festivals World-Wide Dec 1, 2022

Loud and Clear Reviews - Gumball Dreams Review Sept 1, 2022

No Proscenium - The Immersive 5 Aug 29th, 2022

Drop the Spotlight - Gumball Dreams International Premier July 29, 2022

XReality Academy - Live theater in Virtual Reality April 11, 2022

Digital Journal - Audiences love Gumball Dreams March 24, 2022

Voices of VR - Blending Immersive Theater with Social VR & VRChat Oct  27, 2021

XR Must - Tribeca's World Premiere WELCOME TO RESPITE May 11, 2021

CMU Magazine - Acting in a Virtual World May 10, 2021

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