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Pier to Peer (2022)


Braden Roy


Braden Roy

Braden Roy


Ari Tarr, Dasha Kittredge, Tyler Graham, Braden Roy

Full Credits

A high-hat, black hat pirate – in more ways than one – steals away aboard a nautical vessel in search of new exploits and coin, but instead finds themself unmoored on an offbeat voyage of self-discovery alongside a newfound crew.

Pier to Peer is a production by Ferryman Collective in association Active Replica, Jigsaw Ensemble  and Agile Lens. It served as the frame story for OnBoardXR: Mythos and Monsters and was featured at FIVARS 2021.  

OnBoardXR is a first-look incubator and anthology of short-form, stable showcases of live performance in a single event and web browser. The seasonal event is a self-driving sandbox open to participants wishing to prototype or experiment with live 3D/XR/VR/AR/Streaming virtual technologies.

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