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Murder Ballads:The Calamity at Window's Rock (2022)

Brian Tull

Braden Roy

Leah Sullivan

Whitton Frank

Deirdre V. Lyons

Christopher Lane Davis

Murder Ballads: The Calamity at Widows Rock is a live immersive VR dark ride set in a cursed mining town. Combining elements of supernatural folk curses and Grand Guignol-style naturalistic depictions of human depravity, Murder Ballads is set in the Wild West mining town of Widow’s Rock which has been which has been beset by a dark miasma unleashed by the miners. This curse has caused an extreme loss of inhibition among the town’s inhabitants, turning minor tensions into scenes of violence and murder. 

Prior to the calamity, Widow’s Rock was a quiet town with a local economy based around its gold mine. All was calm until the miners uncovered something better left buried, resulting in a massacre. Initially seen as an isolated incident of greed turned violent, incidents of vengeance of retribution quickly began to spring up throughout the town, turning the land into a warzone.

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