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Kat Hinkel

Creative Director

Braden Roy

Creative Producer

W. Jay Moore

Technical Director

Sasha Kaurov, Ph.D.


Victoria Gruenberg

Braden Roy, W. Jay Moore, Kat Hinkel, Sasha Kaurov, Ph.D., Victoria Gruenberg

You are on a spaceship, traveling in a sleep pod En Route to a new earth colony. You are suddenly awakened early -- the ship’s life support systems are failing. 

Now you and your fellow passengers must navigate the ship, uncover clues as to what went wrong, and try to mitigate the damage. Voting at key points creates a choose-your-group’s adventure experience, and your decisions determine who lives and dies in the face of an unwinnable scenario.

En Route is a production by Much Too Much Immersive in association with Ferryman Collective, The Agency Bureau, OmniScope and Seedling Creative. 


En Route poster 5WF.png
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